Created on:2022-04-25


Item Application
Ring Lights  Product packaging, labels, etc.
PCB circuit board inspection
Character detection on the surface of IC components
Product surface defect detection
Bright Uniform Ring Lights Appearance defect detection of highly reflective products
Outer packaging inspection
Visual inspection of electronic components
Dirt detection on cylindrical inner surfaces
Diffuse Ring Lights Positioning and identification for small metal parts
Surface defect detection of curved products
Label character reading
Bar Lights  Metal surface inspection
Image scanning
Surface crack detection
LCD character detection, positioning marks
Backlights  Outline detection
Part size inspection
Detection of impurities in transparent liquids
Liquid level detection, etc.
Backlight With Centre Hole Defect detection in printing industry
Automotive parts contour positioning
Product sorting positioning
Electronic products OCR
Electronic components positioning identification 
Highly-directional Backlights PCB inspection
Transparent objects OMM
LCD defects detection 
Coaxial Lights  Scratches detection on highly reflective surfaces
Defects detection on silicon wafers
Mark positioning
Barcode reading
Laser-marked OCR codes reading
Edge positioning and gauging of workpiece
LCD glue inspection
Character detection on highly reflective surfaces
High intensity-Coaxial Lights  Detection of defects on reflective surfaces
PCB OCR and pattern inspection
Mark positioning, Laser marking characters
QR code reading 
Dome Lights  Curved and uneven surfaces inspection
Highly reflective metal and glass surfaces inspection
Line Scan Lights Ultra high-speed line scan inspection
Long distance line scan inspection
High-speed printing inspection 
Spot Lights Capacitor surface inspection
Screw surface inspection
Pitch gauging for connectors
Solder joints inspection
Suitable for occasions with small installation space
IR Lights Medical industry (vascular mesh detection/eye tracking)
Packaging (Transparent plastic materials)
Clothing and textiles            
Pharmaceutical industry
Fruit quality inspection
UV Lights Banknote/ticket inspection
Fluorescent material inspection
Fluorescent OCR,barcodes and QR codes reading Recognition
Minor housing scratches and damage detection
UV glue detection inside the earphone
UV curing