Created on:2022-04-25


· Food and agricultural products:
Bruise detection, damage inspection, quality screening, material identification, etc.

· Semiconductor:
Silicon wafer sample inspection, solar cell EL/PL inspection, etc.

· Medical field:
Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

· Hyperspectral imaging:
Composition analysis, waste sorting, humidity measurement, fat analysis.

· Others:
The night vision, All-weather persistent surveillance, Weapon aiming system, Airborne ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance)
Laser spot detection, Iris recognition, Fluorescence imaging, Silicon ingot detection.


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Camera Detector Shutter Mode Image Interface L/T
Spectral band Detector type Resolution Pixel pitch Frame rate Digital output
Shortwave infrared camera 900~1700nm InGaAs 320*256 30μm Global Shutter 50Hz USB/CL 6-8 weeks
Shortwave infrared array camera 900~1700nm InGaAs
linear array
512 25μm Global Shutter 8kHz USB/CL
High resolution visible shortwave infrared camera 400~1700nm InGaAs
1280*1024 5μm Global Shutter 50Hz USB/CL
Visible shortwave infrared camera 400~1700nm InGaAs 640*512 5μm Global Shutter 50Hz USB/CL
Near-infrared wide-spectrum camera 400~1200nm CMOS 1280*1024 10μm Rolling Shutter 25Hz/50Hz USB/CL