"The test was very nice, I really intersted in to go for bigger number order."

Jan. 25, 2024, Europe customer



"Your lenses are perfect. I will place an order after your holidays."

Jan. 18, 2023, Germany




"the performance of your product is very good and we would like to use them in our future projects."

Nov. 28, 2022, Turkey




"We are fine with the provided SWIR and VNIR lenses by you."

Sep. 15, 2022, Italy




"Like always thanks for you good and fast support!"

Sep. 15, 2022, Germany




"SWIR4014's performance is great!"

Aug. 25, 2022, China




“Again, you’re the best.”

Jun. 23, 2022, Germany




“Yes, I know that usually some lens manufacturers extend the coating range.

Very good that you design corrected SWIR lenses!”

May 25, 2022, America




“The date I got your first introduction e-mail was 6th of May, last Friday.  Only one week has passed, but feel like old friend ^_^.

We also will do its best for our better relationship.”

May 13, 2022, Korea




“Yes, we see it! I re-send this letter to our engineers!  Thank you for your professional advice to us!”

Feb. 24, 2022, Latvia




“We will be looking forward to another year ahead.”

Dec. 22, 2021, Singapore




“Back to SWIR2514 lens:  Technical speaking, I can say that it was almost satisfying.”

Sep. 17, 2021, Italy




“At 3:10 (Video), you see a picture through your prism

Aug. 2021, Germany




“You are on our supplier list.”

Aug. 2021, America




“We need the SWIR lenses ASAP.”

Aug. 10, 2021, Italy




“The performance of the LP950 is good.”

Jul. 22, 2021, Finland 




“This lens is good, clear picture. Next time, definitely order more.”

Jul. 29, 2021. Thailand




“It looks very impressive I must say!

I am very grateful to have this cooperation with you.”

Mar. 2, 2021, Denmark




“We have received the parts and tested them. Both lenses performed well.”

Mar. 25, 2021, Finland




“Yes, we have received your mirrors and I was able to pick them up at our main facility last Friday. So far all looks very good!”

Nov. 17, 2020, Germany




“Thanks for your quick support! Really helpful. It is a pleasure working with you.”

Sep., 2020, Germany




“Quotation is fine. If even one customer will answer positively, I will order your filters.”

Jun. 16, 2020, Italy




“Yes, we have received the lenses, and we have done initial testing and everything is fine.

We will try it out in some real life applications later, for now we are satisfied with the lenses.”

Jun. 15, 2020, Germany




“Yes I did receive it. Quote is fine. We are also interested in the 50mm lenses, so could you please give me a price on this one.”

May 20, 2020, Germany




“Your lens’s performance is good.

Apr. 6, 2020, Korea




“They really reviewed mirrors and quality is good

Jan. 7, 2020, Russia




“There was no problem with your product”

Jun. 11, 2019, Korea






Feedback from customers